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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I got injured while playing a football match.
My ankle got twisted, and it got twisted so bad,
that I wasn't being able to stand up;
so I was carried out of the field.
The injury was bad.
I informed a friend about my injury. 
She was laughing.
I replied : 

Please, don't laugh. 
It's terrible. 

When the pressure is intense,
and I ought to run to the toilet, 
my condition becomes pathetic. 
I limp and crawl to the toilet,
restricting a volcanic eruption of bowels,
which by the time has built up so bad,
that I don't even get the time to lock the door,
lest it floods my pants with all yellowness.

I feel like a soldier,
 a leg of whose has been blown off by a bomb;
 who is dragging his ass up to an already deceased medic,
 who lay,
 on the earth covered with his own blood and used up and unused bullets;
 with the faint hope that he might get something which could make him live,
 while blood oozes out from his torn out leg.
His agony rocketing sky high,
with every inch he moves.


  1. Really! A poem about shit! interesting though it needs some editing...I think you are juggling between classic an contemporary/slang English...I would advice you to follow one style and stick with it ! I think this has great potential to be a ripper !

  2. Its good, but I feel its not of your style.... I agree with Anish, follow one style. You will do better... -Sourabh

  3. Nice! :)
    The last stanza reminds me of Saving Private Ryan... ;)

  4. I liked the last stanza only. I like Anish's comment too. But, then, I'm not one who asks people to follow rules. You can blend styles, if they're not perceive-able, by the "common man".
    why are the fonts so large, btw?

  5. Anish, Sourabh. I'll consider what you've said.
    I'll try to stick to one style, but what's the harm in experimenting? ;)
    Abhishek, in this case it was Saving Footballer Sayak. ;)
    Twisha, yeah, sometimes I like un-abiding by the rules. Fonts are small. It's ctrl++'ed on the laptop you're using. :)

  6. The shit part was funny. :D
    But I really liked the last stanza. Yeah, Saving Footballer Sayak would do it justice.
    And I don't think you NEED to stick to one style. Keep experimenting, I say! :)

  7. LOL..nice..the last paragraph takes it somewhere else, though..

  8. Thanks Sreeja. The seriousness in the last stanza was intentional. :)

  9. Ahhh experimenting is absolutely fine! But it should work... when it doesn't mix then it sort of glares out! But you should not be discouraged by brave and keep on ! Someday you will hit it out of the park !

  10. this is a wonderful lesson. Its true that there are worse things in life and we should be thankful for these little injuries :-)

  11. Yup bro, thanks!

    Raajii, you're right. We are blessed. Life can be so much worse.

  12. hahahhahahaha....LMAO... poetry on Shit...good !!
    On a serious note, take care of your leg, until it is ready to kick footballs again.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. what an effort! :)
    i felt d last paragraph is a way too different from the rest of d expression!

  14. Yes Megha, the different expression in the last stanza is intentional. :P

  15. LOL. Now this is something I havent come across before!

  16. I like the way you keep jumping from one genre to another. This is new and brave of you. Keep it up.


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