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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jour de naissance

In a pensive stance,
I sit beside a window,
with my head tilted sideways,
my eyes affixed,
on the blades of grass,
that dance to the tune,
of mellifluous drizzle.

I have switched off the fan,
I didn’t like the sound of it;
it is obstructing, distracting, subtracting;
the convergence of my cognitions.

I light a cigarette,
I smoke effortlessly.
The smoke,
sometimes slaps back at my face,
and sometimes it is extracted,
deep from my mouth;
in a twisted cyclonic fashion,
goes out of the window,
and dissolves into the moist air.

How, the direction of the wind changes without any notice.

I try to recollect my last birthday. Abhishek wishing me at midnight; lunch with Sumit and Anish; the movie Love Aaj kal after that, at Inox. Yes, Ma had made Ilish Biriyani for me. That’s all. I don’t remember anymore of that day.
The last year of my life had not been very eventful, as I’d supposed it would be. I had spent most of the time coping with my illness.

A few good people were added to my life,
a few good ones subtracted.

Sporadically, at times of depression,
I feel, maybe,
I’d held the grains of sand,
Too tightly.
They slipped through my fingers,
Through my clasp.

I could have gathered,
the grains of sand,
could have taken a piece of paper,
made a few strokes,
with a brush and glue on it,
and then let them slip away,
all of it, again.

It would have remained.
A piece of art.

Birthday kiddo.
You’re a year older.



  2. It filled me with a "beautiful" feeling. Ar kichhu comment korbo na.

  3. Thanks Kunal & TurbulentMind. :)

    Twisha, talk to you later! :)

  4. aaawww....that was cute :)
    hope this year and this birthday is more eventful than the previous one :D
    Yappiieeeee Buhhdayyy...!! Kiddo ;) :P

  5. Happy Birthday, buddy. Don't be so profound today, of all days! Lovely, though painful, poem.

  6. Very beautiful, Shayy.. :)n thanks for taggin me..
    Happy birthday once again.. Yeh kisne kiddo kehdiya khudko :P .. You are a big boy now.. ;)

  7. Disappointment is necessary for true growth. You have grown incredibly in the past one year, and that is all what matters. Wishing you a happy birthday again. You are a man now. ;)

  8. Abhishek, yes, I have grown considerably(a little too extravagantly :P ) in my last teen year. Who knows it better thank you?
    And finally, yeah, I am a man now! :D ;)

  9. Beautifully written. I like your blog!!
    Check mine out :)

  10. hope ur birthday will bring along all the good moments for the whole year :) happy b'day n god bless you dear. U write really well :)

  11. That flowed so effortlessly!
    Sad to know you were coping with a kind of sickness. Hope you're better now!

    P.S: Ilish Biriyani? Whoa never heard of anything like that!

  12. Thank you Samadrita.

    And neither did I know a dish called Ilish Biriyani exists, before my birthday, last year. :P

  13. ilish biriyani? how does that go? does it have the same scent of the standard chicken/mutton biriyani?
    that apart, nice, the way you've added colour to the simplest of actions and things.

  14. Ilish biriyani is delicious. No, it doesn't have that same scent. That scent would have made the ilish taste different. So that's left out :P And thanks for appreciating my meagre effort at writing poetry. :)


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