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Monday, May 31, 2010

Abstruse Papyrus.

An OLD BOOK, BLACK in colour, rests on the table in an overtly synchronized state of vicious equilibrium with the dystopian world. Nothing is written on it's cover.
Light emanates from it. The whole spectrum.
Isn't black, supposedly a colour which absorbs all other colours, or let's say devours all other colours?
Is this good or bad, a miracle or a sin?
Will it be wise to open the book?
What is that book?
What lies inside?

p.s. - please pardon me for my naive painting.


  1. Does this have a part two?

    i hope it does..

  2. I second Shreeja.
    By the way, the painting isn't naive at all. The pastel-strokes are very eloquent, to say the least.

  3. Aah. Part two.
    I'd thought that you guys will help me with that, I mean the answers! :)

    Thanks Twisha; still I would like to consider myself a naive painter.

  4. eyii not naive..its a good start..bring out more

  5. Waahh writer ji... Bahut achhe :)

    Did you try to open the book?? :P

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