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Friday, May 28, 2010

An apparition!

She ensconced herself in her chair,
unaware of what was going on outside.
She flipped through the pages,
of "The Bridge Across Forever".

She was humming a tune,
oh, what was it?
A song of love,
'Sacrifice' by Elton John.

The execrable power cut,
out of nowhere.
The tube light seemed to glow,
in the fair darkness; she sighed.

She lived like a funny apparition,
not afraid of light,
but loathing the sun.
Hence all the curtains on the windows were drawn.

She walked up to the window,
and pulled the curtains.
The blood-like light of the evening,
touched her eyes.

She didn't block the light.
She let it mix with her sclera,
the white of her eye,
and become orange.

She was drinking with her sight,
all that she could.
She was extracting all the powers,
stupefied, there she stood.

She looked at the sun,
never taking her eyes off.
She had a fit of reminiscence,
what was she feeling, omniscience?

She knew everything,
had the power to do everything.
She could go anywhere she wanted to.
A tear formed at the corner of her eye.

She stared at the sun, without blinking....

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  1. hmmm..i like how you sketch characters :)

  2. "The blood like light of the evening,
    touched her eyes."

    Some beautiful imagery in there. I agree, very good characterization. Liked the image too.

  3. It is very well etched. I can almost feel it.

    Keep the good work on :)

  4. blood-like....i mean, hyphen hobe na?
    for a change, i could relate to this fictional girl. the hatred for light, curtains drawn therefore...etc. i mean, do this!
    anyway, why is the protagonist female. i mean, poetically speaking, any technical reasons? just a random question, emni jigesh korchhi.

  5. Right, blood-like e hyphen hobe.
    The protagonist had to be a female to bring out the desired effects and portray what I wanted to. I wanted the character to be normal and weird, sweet and poisonous, compassionate and cruel. It could have been portrayed by a male, but I preferred it to be a female, as in my imagination it was so.

  6. Beautiful blending of colors in your words :)
    Very Nice!

    Keep up the good work.

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  8. Awesome imagery and flow of words. As a poetry lover I had a wonderful experience reading this. You have a special way of bringing out the unsaid. Brilliant

  9. Thanks for the appreciation. :)

  10. Beautiful imagery and lovely verse. I am here to stay and read all that you offer. Awesome.


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